Sherry Law Office


Practice Areas


Real Estate Litigation

Mr. Sherry has particular experience in real estate litigation. He has represented financial institutions, developers, and individuals in quiet title actions, lien and lis pendens disputes, real estate partnership disputes, lease disputes, construction disputes, and constructive trust actions. Mr. Sherry has represented real estate clients in state and federal courts.


Franchise and Joint Venture Litigation

Mr. Sherry has unique experience in franchise and joint venture disputes, having previously represented companies and individuals in contract and fiduciary disputes arising from franchise and joint venture agreements in both state and federal courts. He has successfully sought injunctive and monetary relief to enforce contract terms in franchise and joint venture cases and litigated FTC franchise disclosure terms


Non-Competition, Non-Disclosure, and Trade Secret Litigation

Mr. Sherry frequently litigates non-competition, non-disclosure, and trade secret cases, often in the context of a breaching party actively attempting to misappropriate confidential or trade secret information. These cases, by nature, are emergencies. Mr. Sherry’s philosophy is to promptly involve the Court and seek immediate injunctive relief – which Mr. Sherry has successfully obtained in both state and federal court – to enforce contract terms or state and federal trade secret statutes.


General Commercial Litigation

Mr. Sherry frequently litigates in the area of general commercial litigation, with significant experience in all types of claims for breach of contract, fraud, breach of fiduciary duty, tortious interference, unfair competition and FDUTPA, negligence, and other actions in state and federal courts.



Mr. Sherry has experience litigating a range of disputes and claims in arbitration proceedings, including before the American Arbitration Association. Mr. Sherry has successfully pursued claims arbitration claims on behalf of clients seeking cost-effective and final adjudications.